Going to McDonald~

Interesting car number plate~

Burger is always correct.

Really a lot of pigeons

This is a tram station.

Here is Medina

I was waiting Alyaa

We ate this pizza right after we met haha

And desert

Just we were looking around the square.

Then suddenly, a guy made like the picture.

And then he asked to us the money.

Even we didn't ask. He did himself.

I really hate these guys.

This meeting was last meeting with her.

And I am little bit disappointed to her.

She said "sorry I am busy.", "I should go back home before 6PM."

I know about that. So I said I will bring you. I can see you near your college.

But she said "Sorry, I can't"

I am from S.Korea. It's really far.

It is not common situation to see you on me.

And I don't know when I can visit Casablanca again.

Actually, I never want to visit again because I got lots of unfair from Moroccan guys.

I really hate the guys and I am little bit disappointed to her.

And I couldn't see her no more.

This name card is a tram ticket.

I can pass a tram turnstile and charge the money using the paper.

I love burger.

The food is standard food for drink for free.

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