Using a train, I went back to Marrakech well.

And my hostel was in Medina.

Here is too complicated and I don't like.

When I was going this square, a guy suddenly said to me. "The way going to the square is here".

I didn't ask and I didn't want his guide.

Even I said "I don't need your guide.", "I know already."

But he kept to do himself. And then he asked the money for me with his friends.

He looks something to do to me if I didn't give money.

So I paid...

I really hate these guys.

I didn't believe any moroccan guys.

It is the reason why I was in Pizza hut for dinner.

The waiter was really kindly, so I gave tips.

My hostel

Before going to sleep, I found a mart which I can buy some alcohol.

After drinking alone, I went to sleep.

I really wanted to go back Dublin.

I hope

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