Summary of Ireland

2014.05.22 10:53

Republic of Ireland - English

Éire - Goidelic languages

Capital     Dublin                                                                                        

Language     English, Goidelic languages

Population     4,580 thousand - standard of 2011

Currency     EURO

Time difference between Korea     8 hours

State Form     Repulic

Polity     The Parliamentary Government

The Groos Area     70,273㎦

Climate     temperate oceanic climate

GDP     2,208 hundred million $ (48th in the world) - standard of 2013 IMF

GDP for one person     47,881$ (12th in the world) - standard of 2013 IMF

Major City     Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway

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Summary of Ireland  (0) 2014.05.22
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