When I was in Morocco, I contacted some bad news about my country, South Korea.

And I made a promise that I want to give some energy in Ireland for Korean people.

I ready this protest with Simon.

And it was really successful.

For celebrating, we had a dinner with pizza.

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I really miss this view, smell, people, all about.

I am really happy.

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I left my hostel for going to airport well on walking.

The view was really beautiful and nice except for people.

I arrived at the airport on walking well.

My flight was delayed so I could give this voucher.

Finally, I left here Morocco.

Before I came here, I really wanted to visit here because I saw some pictures on a movie and the internet.

But I never want no more.

I promised I will visit popular country.

They have reasons why they are popular or not.

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Using a train, I went back to Marrakech well.

And my hostel was in Medina.

Here is too complicated and I don't like.

When I was going this square, a guy suddenly said to me. "The way going to the square is here".

I didn't ask and I didn't want his guide.

Even I said "I don't need your guide.", "I know already."

But he kept to do himself. And then he asked the money for me with his friends.

He looks something to do to me if I didn't give money.

So I paid...

I really hate these guys.

I didn't believe any moroccan guys.

It is the reason why I was in Pizza hut for dinner.

The waiter was really kindly, so I gave tips.

My hostel

Before going to sleep, I found a mart which I can buy some alcohol.

After drinking alone, I went to sleep.

I really wanted to go back Dublin.

I hope

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This was delicious for breakfast.

And then we went to a cafe for drinking espresso.

I think it is a kind of culture having espresso everyday.

And then we went to Mehdi's farm here is all for him.

I saw lots of real Morocco style.

And traditional.

It was really interesting and awesome.

And then he was bring me to Casablanca.

And I bought some burgers at Mcdonald and then I went back my hostel.

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Before meeting Ali, I had it for brunch.

With Ali, I had it.

All cafe, they have a coffee like this.

Only espresso

We went Twin Building.

Here is one of recommend places in Casablanca.

But I don't know why they recommend.

Picanto not morning

We had it for meal.

The taste was nice.

And then we went to Mehdi's farm located in State.

We drank lots of beer.

It was not bad, not good.

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I was going to Morocco Mall.

There is the biggest one in Africa.

For going there, I should go to the last station in the tram.

When I took off the tram, I could see the Atlantic Ocean.

I walked 30 minutes for going the mall.

Special Offers !

My breakfast.

This picture is nice

It's my desert and the tart is not good

This is the main gate

Make my foot stamp

I was looking for an Italian restaurant which Alyaa said.

But I couldn't see. So I back to my hostel for putting my luggage.

Fortunately, I met Ali.

After leaving my hostel, I was going to a pizza restaurant which I visited with Alyaa yesterday.

Then, suddenly, Ali said to me "안녕하세요, 한국사람이에요?"

So I said "OMG, Do you know Korean?"

So I had some talking with him and Badr.

Actually, Ali is working in Korea.

Even he has a Korean girl friend.

This is Sénégal style food,

It's not good.

And I visited this pub with Ali and Badr.

I drank lots of beer here.

And I back to my hostel.

When I was walking with Ali and Badr, she suddenly said to me in French.

She said "Hey you are so cute"

So Ali called her and she wanted to celebrate with me.

It is the reason why we took a picture.

This meeting was nice.

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Going to McDonald~

Interesting car number plate~

Burger is always correct.

Really a lot of pigeons

This is a tram station.

Here is Medina

I was waiting Alyaa

We ate this pizza right after we met haha

And desert

Just we were looking around the square.

Then suddenly, a guy made like the picture.

And then he asked to us the money.

Even we didn't ask. He did himself.

I really hate these guys.

This meeting was last meeting with her.

And I am little bit disappointed to her.

She said "sorry I am busy.", "I should go back home before 6PM."

I know about that. So I said I will bring you. I can see you near your college.

But she said "Sorry, I can't"

I am from S.Korea. It's really far.

It is not common situation to see you on me.

And I don't know when I can visit Casablanca again.

Actually, I never want to visit again because I got lots of unfair from Moroccan guys.

I really hate the guys and I am little bit disappointed to her.

And I couldn't see her no more.

This name card is a tram ticket.

I can pass a tram turnstile and charge the money using the paper.

I love burger.

The food is standard food for drink for free.

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It is a mosque.

This building is Marrakesh train station.

The building looks good.

My seat was second grade.

Here looks really same that I saw on 007 Spectre movie.

Lots of desert.

And bleak.

I arrived at Casablanca voyage train station in 3h30m.

And here tram is also same with Irish.

Just different the color.

Really interesting the sign.

This is my room.

The room is really nice except for the bathroom. because water pressure was too weak.

I went to McDonald because I can't believe Morrocan guys.

And I saw a new menu. It was really nice.

I will try to eat tomorrow also as well.

Going to Hasan II Mosque.

It is really huge and different.

And we can't enter the mosque if you are not Muslim.

Beside the mosque, there is the Atlantic Ocean.

And some guys are swimming.

I visited KFC for dinner. haha

I love burger.

I met some guys in Starbucks.

They like Korea so I was happy little bit.

These happy was one of big on my Morroco travel.

Nothing sign on crosswalk.

Fortunately, I found a pub in Muslim country!

Because I thought I can't drink any alcohol.

But there is possible!

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Let's go to the airport!

There were lots of people.

I was wondering.

Where are you going?

and I arrived to early... I misunderstood my flight time.

It's the ticket.


Note7 is really popular.

Finally, let's board the flight.

I arrived well at the Marrakesh airport!

I tried to get a bus.

But a guy said to me "Do you want to take a taxi?"

So I said,. yes.

Because I was too tire. really so much.

And when I took his taxi, I suddenly felt something worried about this car and him.

But I arrived well at the hostel.

Here was.. little bit terrible.

This hostel is bad value for the money.

I visited the famous market.

But I got lots of unfair from guys.

Such as they said expensive price than original.

Even they gave me some food which I didn't order. And then they said lots of money when I paid my food.

And you know the quality is terrible.

I really hate this place. I wanted to leave here as soon as possible.

So I came back the hostel and had a sleep for waking up early tomorrow.

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