After finishing the class, I went to afternoon football activity.

It was not bad and not good.

And then I ready to go to attend CES club.

We went to Murray's Pub.

Here is the main stage.

Except for me, other guys went to another pub.

I came back home for meeting Rodrigo.

Because Rodrigo will leave here tonight to London.

So I cooked a Korean ramen.

And then I went to sleep.

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Tomorrow we will have an academy party.

And tomorrow is also Engin's last day.

So we told about that someone brought witch food.

And then I went home.

I cooked a pasta and I took a rest.

At 10PM, I started to study homeworks.

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I took it when I was going to the academy with Rodrigo

After finishing the class, I went to Havana with classmates.

He is Engin

Here is really nice.

Taste good and Price is also good.

At 3PM, I bought some baskets for arranging my clothes.

And then I had a drinking at home with housemates.

Almost 9PM, we went to Dyseys.

It was not good.

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After finishing the class, I had a lunch.

And then I went to Fairview Park for attending a basketball meet-up.

And it was really fun.

I will attend next week meet-up

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I woke up at 5AM for celebrating our 200♥.

I went to Smithfield for receiving the academy receipt.

Here is my Academy and my class.

Today, I did it.

At home, I tried to make a past.

And it was not bad.

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View from the living room!

Let's go shopping with Jong.

Here is Jervis.

And we had a lunch at a Vietnam restaurant.

We went to here just a second because I was just curious.

I want to present this clothes to Min.

I bought this icecream to Jong.

And I bought beer and 삼겹살.

I did it for my housemates.

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I took it for last before leaving here.

Right after arriving another house, I went to Fairview Park for attend a football meet-up.

Long time no play football so today was really fun.

After finishing the game, I went to Asia Market for buying some ingredients.

I bought this for cooking 불고기.

And I did well.

I also bought Korean ramen.

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Tomorrow I am going to move to my real house for staying during I am in Ireland.

So, today I stayed in homestay.

View opening the door

On first floor, left first room for children as soon as opening main door. 

Second restroom under the stair. I think it is for guest.

The entrance on kitchen and living room.

Only when I have a meal and use a washing machine, I use here.

Let's go upstairs!

The second floor as soon as climbing the stair.

Excepted the bathroom, two rooms are for personal.


This second stair is going to third floor, my room.

Here is my lovely homestay room.

In Caroline' house, 5 people stay here.

But I think I stay here alone because I can't recognize any person here when I am the room.

Anyway I will miss this lovely single room and this house.

I am really really really recommend Caroline's Homestay.

Here is in Drimnagh, Dublin 12.

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After waking up, I arranged my room.

And then I went to buy my new football shoes for attending a morning football group.

I went to Grafton Street for buying the shoes.

But here is no shoes store what I want to have

I went to near by Spire. And I found one store.

Firstly, I wanted to have Mercurial but... it is small on me..

My foot will be hurt.


I got this haha T-EMPO !

I think it looks a Japanese student style.. something I think it looks..

And then I was looking for how to make a good 불고기 and 부침개.

I am really really looking forward coming Saturday!

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Ready to go to city centre for meeting a guy

I think this path(?) looks something beautiful and scared.

I have walked here at night once. Somthing scared really.

Viking bus is one of popular tour buses.

When the bus move, people who is taking the bus yell.

After receiving to transfer the academy, I visited his house for receiving football shoes.

But he said he took a trash already.

So I had a talk with him.

We will meet on coming Monday for receiving a ticket(?) at the academy.

After leaving his house, I went to a sport market for seeing football shoes.

And football shoes is cheaper than Korea.

But shoes such as running shoes, normal shoes are more expensive.

And then I went to Ilac shopping centre library for staying on a second.

I met the Irish girl at 7PM at Spire.

We went to Starbucks.

She checked my CV. And she said it is perfect. haha

And then I taught her Korean.

And then I came back home.

I have never been before staying until sun down.

And today I did.

I arrived home almost 11PM.

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