Let's go to the airport!

There were lots of people.

I was wondering.

Where are you going?

and I arrived to early... I misunderstood my flight time.

It's the ticket.


Note7 is really popular.

Finally, let's board the flight.

I arrived well at the Marrakesh airport!

I tried to get a bus.

But a guy said to me "Do you want to take a taxi?"

So I said,. yes.

Because I was too tire. really so much.

And when I took his taxi, I suddenly felt something worried about this car and him.

But I arrived well at the hostel.

Here was.. little bit terrible.

This hostel is bad value for the money.

I visited the famous market.

But I got lots of unfair from guys.

Such as they said expensive price than original.

Even they gave me some food which I didn't order. And then they said lots of money when I paid my food.

And you know the quality is terrible.

I really hate this place. I wanted to leave here as soon as possible.

So I came back the hostel and had a sleep for waking up early tomorrow.

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