Too sunny, today morning was something fresh.

And I got the coin again.

Too... silent...

I was going to Gabriel's house again for having a Christmas meal.

From Morocco

The Brazilian meal was nice.

This is Irish English.

It means Fuck up.



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Yeah, Today is our company party again but just with us!

I will take a picture when I drink new alcohol.

Here is the restaurant.

I drank a lot and ate lots of food.

I had to stop to drink no more.


I was died..

But it was really happy. haha...

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In the morning, I felt today will be something a good day.

And I was correct.

Something looks HAPPY.

I have beer already but something need more!

Let's go to a market.

Let's cross cross cross.

Walk Slowly

Over there!

OMG, I will get it whenever

When I left Dealz, I got the coin.

Here is the market.

I had a great dinner with Simon.

It was really nice.

I was really happy.

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In the morning, ready to go to the dentist.

I arrived the dentist 30 mins early than I reserved.

But I could meet my doctor when I arrived there.

Even doctor said I don't need to pay money because I have took my teeth before.

So I bought some coffee for doctor and nurses instead of payment.

He said thank you so much and I felt also same.

After finishing my medical treatment, I went to have the protest.

And then I went Girim's house right after finishing the protest.

We had a dinner together.

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Fortunately, I said to my flat guys I will make a Korean dinner for you guys.

So I made it for the guys and for me.

It was really delicious.

And I got lots of messages from my friends.

Today was really happy.

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Today was our company Christmas Party.

It was nice.

We didn't drink a lot. Just we had a talking time.

It was a really wholesome party.

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We had the protest as usual on every Saturday.

Here is my house yet.

I took it for getting a person who will stay this house instead of me.

And it was my dinner.

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After finishing my works, I was going to my new house for having a dining interview.

I had never heard about dining interview before.

We made a Korean food called "Kim bab".

It was successful.

They were like it.

After having dinner, we had a smoking time.

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Let's go for Protest!

More and more people came here for our country

Smith field is also ready for Chirstmas

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Today is just 14th of November.

For Christmas, we have one month more.

But they are readying in advance.

Looks beautiful.

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