I was going to Morocco Mall.

There is the biggest one in Africa.

For going there, I should go to the last station in the tram.

When I took off the tram, I could see the Atlantic Ocean.

I walked 30 minutes for going the mall.

Special Offers !

My breakfast.

This picture is nice

It's my desert and the tart is not good

This is the main gate

Make my foot stamp

I was looking for an Italian restaurant which Alyaa said.

But I couldn't see. So I back to my hostel for putting my luggage.

Fortunately, I met Ali.

After leaving my hostel, I was going to a pizza restaurant which I visited with Alyaa yesterday.

Then, suddenly, Ali said to me "안녕하세요, 한국사람이에요?"

So I said "OMG, Do you know Korean?"

So I had some talking with him and Badr.

Actually, Ali is working in Korea.

Even he has a Korean girl friend.

This is Sénégal style food,

It's not good.

And I visited this pub with Ali and Badr.

I drank lots of beer here.

And I back to my hostel.

When I was walking with Ali and Badr, she suddenly said to me in French.

She said "Hey you are so cute"

So Ali called her and she wanted to celebrate with me.

It is the reason why we took a picture.

This meeting was nice.

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