It is a mosque.

This building is Marrakesh train station.

The building looks good.

My seat was second grade.

Here looks really same that I saw on 007 Spectre movie.

Lots of desert.

And bleak.

I arrived at Casablanca voyage train station in 3h30m.

And here tram is also same with Irish.

Just different the color.

Really interesting the sign.

This is my room.

The room is really nice except for the bathroom. because water pressure was too weak.

I went to McDonald because I can't believe Morrocan guys.

And I saw a new menu. It was really nice.

I will try to eat tomorrow also as well.

Going to Hasan II Mosque.

It is really huge and different.

And we can't enter the mosque if you are not Muslim.

Beside the mosque, there is the Atlantic Ocean.

And some guys are swimming.

I visited KFC for dinner. haha

I love burger.

I met some guys in Starbucks.

They like Korea so I was happy little bit.

These happy was one of big on my Morroco travel.

Nothing sign on crosswalk.

Fortunately, I found a pub in Muslim country!

Because I thought I can't drink any alcohol.

But there is possible!

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